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Winter is finally over, bring on Summer Fishing!

Well winter is finally past and we’re glad to see the back of it. We’ve been talking to a lot of fishos and the consensus has all been the same, this winter has been one of the hardest yet to get a decent catch. We’ve had reports of the odd monster Snapper being landed but just no sign of decent patches of good pannies to be found.

We were out with a charter a couple of weeks back and managed to find a school of Snapper hanging out in the hole just north-west of Matiatia bay (See Image). We were there early and had the place to ourselves, but after a couple of hours we were surrounded by boats and the fish went off the bite. I have a feeling it was to do with the number of boats that insisted on cruising through all the anchored fishing boats at 20 knots barely missing a number of us.

The dolphins have been seen feeding and playing out in the Gulf on all of our most recent trips, remember to look for dolphins swimming in circles that’s when they’re bundling up a school of bait fish. If they keep wanting to swim beside the boat then they’ve probably already eaten and just want to play.

With spring also comes day lights savings and we’re gearing up to start taking weekday 5 hour evening charters, the fish are on their way in to the harbours and channels so we don’t have far to go. The water temps are just touching 14 degrees already and we just need a few more north-easterly winds to bring the temp up to the magical 18 degrees when the Snapper will start their spawning, then it will be game on!

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