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Individual Fishing Charters

From: $160.00 inc GST

Ready to book simply choose the day you'd like to go fishing and select either the 7am or 2pm time slot. Both trips are 6 hour fishing charters and include our quality rod hire combos and bait or lures/slow jigs for the day. Our individual charters require a minimum number of 6 people, if you are not flexible with your charter date please check with us before booking your trip as we can not guarantee all dates will be filled. We confirm all charters via txt or phone call so if you've booked online and not heard from us please get in touch as technology is never perfect.

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About the Trips

Don’t have enough mates to fill the boat or just want to get out for a fish when everyone else is busy. Then join one of our individual fishing charters for a 6 hour fishing trip. We run our morning fishing trips from 7am until 1pm and evening trips from 2pm till 8pm, so when booking your trip simply choose the departure time you prefer either the 7am or 2pm time slot . Also the price includes the free use of our quality fishing rod combos and either bait or lures/slow jigs for the day. You will need to bring your own food and drinks but please leave your chillibins in your cars so we can maximize our fishing room.

We run individual fishing trips all year round 7 days a week, but they are dependent on a minimum number of 6 anglers on board and to keep things simple we only allow bookings up to 5 weeks in the future. Also when booking for a trip within 7 days please ensure there is already some bookings on that day or book further into the future to give us plenty of time to find additional people to join the trip. Because we require a minimum of 6 people on board before the trip is confirmed, in the event that we don’t get enough customers we will either refund your payment or reschedule you for another day, whichever works best for you.

Finding us is easy just go to the Contact Us page and take a look at the map. There’s free parking available as marked by the Green and Yellow (Yellow on Week Days Only) boxes and the Fish icon is the wharf we leave from.

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